Modern Life was Goodish


DGpixelAs the fifth series of Dave Gorman’s ‘Modern Life is Goodish’ drew to a close, it was announced that this would not only be the end of the current series, but also, the end of the show altogether. There would be no more. If you have seen this show, it will come as no surprise to you that its finish caused @DaveGorman‘s Twitter account began receiving a considerable amount of messages containing the ‘sad face’ emoji. Although I don’t often use emoji (emojis? emojii?) myself, I definitely shared the feeling that the pudgy little yellow chap was expressing. That was until I gave it some thought.

You see, David James Gorman has been entertaining me since long before ‘Goodish’ was created. In fact, even the channel (Dave) that airs the show, was years away from existing when Gorman’s friend Danny Wallace bet him he couldn’t meet 54 other people called Dave Gorman, prompting the show that led thousands of us to become hooked on the activities of this projector wielding, graph obsessed maniac. And believe me, I use the word ‘maniac’ with nothing but affection. Today, when people think of Dave Gorman, they mostly think of Powerpoint, and charts and graphs. However, when he first broke through from being a little known comic, to something of a cult superstar, the projector and graph presentation of his shows was less than half of the story… Dave was a nutcase!
The work he had to put in (whether meaning to or not) to make shows like ‘The Dave Gorman Collection’ and especially ‘Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure’ is beyond comprehension for us regular mortal men, or women. If you feel I have used the terms ‘maniac’ and ‘nutcase’ unfairly, I suggest you watch (or re-watch) those shows.
(Dave, if you’re reading this, I am not trying to inflate your ego, or kiss your arse. My friends and I (and many others) were genuinely in awe of someone living the kind of life that could lead to the ‘Googlewhack Adventure’ happening, let alone the hilarious show that you wrote and performed as a result.)

So, why am I not as upset as I might be about the end of ‘Modern Life is Goodish’?
Well, ‘Goodish’ is just one part of Mr Gorman’s lengthy career. He was surprising us to jaw dropping levels and making us cry with laughter long before this five year run of shows on Dave, and he will continue to do so after. I am not worried that we are losing a great show, I am excited for what might follow.

As fans we must remember, the wacky single guy without a care in the world had to grow up eventually. He grew into to well formed and very clever comedian we see today. Luckily, we have grown up with him. Dave now has a family, and this changes his priorities. If it didn’t, would you respect a man who neglected his responsibilities in order to entertain you? Of course not. And I realise how unnecessary that last sentence was, but I’ll leave it in. It is pretty safe to say, fans of Dave Gorman know him well, at least, as well as he allows us to by what he tells us, which (if you’ve seen his shows) is a lot. He has not mentioned family time as being a factor in his decision to concentrate on doing live shows (2018 tour) rather than TV, but a show like ‘Goodish’ takes a heck of a lot of work and time to put together, so the benefits of not having that commitment right now makes perfect sense.

Dave Gorman has written a blog post about his decision to bring ‘Modern Life is Goodish’ to an end. It is lengthy, detailed and explains how much he loves stand-up comedy, and how rare it is to be able to perform ‘long-form’ routines on television these days. He is clearly thankful to the people he works with and loved making the show. He also states that Dave (the channel) and Dave (the Gorman) are open to working together again, should the right idea emerge.

From my point of view, as a long time fan, I am looking forward to the next chapter in the career of Dave Gorman. Bring it on!


You can find out more about Dave Gorman and follow his activities below:


And of course, you should watch Modern Life is Goodish on Dave/UKTV.



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