I Bought Stamford Bridge Stadium (and gave it to my Dad)

IMG_20180131_192056My Dad has always been excellent at Christmas and birthdays. He takes these opportunities as a time to either help me out with things I need, or treat me to something I want. He genuinely enjoys seeing the happiness his generosity brings to people.
Now that is a proper Dad!

Your Dad has devoted much of his life to your well-being.
So, how do you repay that kind of commitment?… Well, you can’t.

At this point in my (adult) life, I would love to be able to buy something that my Father really needs.
But he doesn’t need anything…
I would love to buy him something he really wants.
But he wants for nothing…

Then it hit me!..
What if I buy him something just to make him smile?

He is a lifelong Chelsea fan, So I bought him the whole stadium! (in miniature.)
I found this ‘pop up’ three dimensional Stamford Bridge birthday card on Amazon. It is excellent quality and pretty accurate. And just look at the joy it brought.


Sometimes it is not about the price of the gift, it is simply about the size of the smile!!



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